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September 2021


PROMI-SS is the last theatre.


- Why?


PROMISS is an entrance and an exit: It is the exit out of a scattered world of parallel processes into the entrance of the final stage of existence. Oneness. Exiting onlooking to enter seeing you will exit your existence as spectator to enter the acting entity organism. In that sense PROMiSS is a portal of higher density of higher reflectivity. PROMiSS is the end of the Kompromiss.


Promiss is the promise to act out the role you have been given. It is the expansion of the stage to a mycelium-human-conscious-carbon-being. PromiSS is the one extra neutron to your subcritical mass. The first stone that got thrown to your dominoday. The Vision to your Fission. There is no second row in PROMISS. In fact it is the very last theatre ever, since it will correct your urge to fake acting. It invites you, incites you to real play. PromiSS is the art of the future and the future of art. PROMiss through the meta collective hub mind of the ACTORS a writing entity for the play that is the best possible future for everybody and everything PROMiSS sees play as necessity and art therefore Promi-SS is the inverted white plinth on on the edge of a black hole which is fueled by radical optimism. PromiSS is the pro-missing future full of dilettantes. The one you’ve been all waiting for so here it is: lights out! spot on. 

'Behind we will find the brutal idealism of our future selves openheartedly awaiting us.'

Sparkle, sparkle. Everybody is chased by the dreams they were chasing. PromiSS is lifting the veil layer of dreams. It is the fingernail tip digging under the layer of paint. Making visible the old layers towards the foundation making way for resistance free vulnerability. PromiSS is the final curtain calling to be dropped. Behind we will find the brutal idealism of our future selves openheartedly awaiting us.


- How did you come into existence?


We always were. We were born out of big doubt into a world that does not seem saveable but so worthy of being saved. We are the inverted avoidance of politicality in art. We are the scraped up dirt of a cleanliness obsessed society. We are the exit signs in a world of entertainment.


- What is your mission?


It is more a promiss-ion a molecule wildly dancing within an all violent universe.


- What are your hopes?


Our hopes are that the aliens are live streaming through our eyes and ears and that they await our readiness.


- Readiness for what?


Of receiving love and orders -


- Wht fo uou mean by that?


Clear directions that are being sent from the best possible future. A sort of google maps for destiny. And our readiness to trust. To be onlookers of our own act-ting. To play the criminals we have to become.


- What’s the crime?


We demand the fragility of the system. For that we risk the fragility of ourselves. We are the exit sense in your existence. We have to write our way into existence beyond simply being.


- Do you value human life?

To value human life you must be ready for murder. So yeah.


- Murder?

Preferably of your mother. Your father is fine, too.


- You are joking.

To value life fully you must see it from all angles please leave mum and dad alive but you must be ready to kill them at all times.


- Why?

It will make you love them more
Kill them with wild desire when you hug them next time.


- Ok ^^ So what do people get out of a PROMI.SS evening?

The inner monologue of you going to a PromiSS evening will be that of a heroin addict preparing another hit- you never wanted it any other way! This is what you deserve you fucking junkie piece of shit, Servant to the addiction, Humble slave of the vain train ready for another round of the fun spiral but not for any sort of fundamental change. Why am I even here.





- Why are we really here?

I’ve heard the sentence of an opera singer on the radio: she said „in hard times like these we need to make sure to give and show as much love as we possibly can“ This is what we are here for we’ll guard you gently under our angel wings and fuck you hard like a pubertal broncos plonker.

Promiss puts you on a secret mission to strictly thoroughly play the role of your choice within the houseor flat of your parents. Expecting their dagger loving them as to battle that dagger away with brutal tenderness


PromiSS is beyond criticism for we are the hardest critics of ourselves but we will only judge the amount of consistency with wich we are going into the desired direction. In that Promiss is criticism which is the highest form of art. It is shinyshiny




- U Iconic…?

Well given that we are, it is because we believe. We believe in a united world of love peace and harmony and we don’t even demand it for ourselves at least not now but we demand working on it rigorously. For nobody. Simply for the feeling of doing the neccessary work for it to happen this is our legacy. We are not good writers or particularly good thinkers maybe not even good doers or makers and for that reason probably not even good.

- But?

Promiss is the joydivision of #officeforworldpeace and in that we declare war - on your idea of peace

We don't need to manifest explosions for we are the big bang.  we are highly explosive all the time.